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2015 Competition Results

3rd - JnJ Newcomer (SWING)


1st - JnJ Novice (SWING)


1st - JnJ Intermediate (SWING)


4th - JnJ Advanced All Star (SWING)


5th - JnJ Sophisticated (SWING)


6th - JnJ Masters (SWING)


7th - JnJ Invitational (SWING)


8th - JnJ Pro-Am Followers (SWING)


9th - JnJ Pro-Am Leaders (SWING)


10th - Smoothies Amateur (SWING)


11th - Smoothies Professional (SWING)


12th PA SS Novice Leaders


13th PA SS Intermediate Leaders


14th PA SS Masters Leaders


15th PA SS Novice Followers


16th PA SS Interrmediate Followers


17th PA SS Masters Followers


Shag Amateur


Shag Mixed Doubles